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  Elitsa Folk Dance Ensemble - Pazardjik
About Elitsa Ensemble

Elitsa children and adolescents Folk ensemble at the Municipal folklore center Pazardjik, Bulgaria

The ensemble was founded in 1979 and comprises a folk choir, a dance ensemble and folklore instruments orchestra.

The age of the young artists varies between 7 and 18 years old and the ensemble annually instructs about 100 children from the town and its region.

The collective has been undertaking an endeavoring concert activity on national and international stages, and it is extremely popular in Pazardjik district.

It has been taking part in international children folklore festivals in Germany, Slovakia, France, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Ukraine and Check Republic. The collective has won three medals from Amateur art activities festivals in Bulgaria. The national television has broadcasted and filmed the ensemble many times.
For contacts:

Bulgaria, Pazardjik 4400,
Blvd Georgi Benkovski 15, ap. 30
for Margarita Karadjova,

e-mail: folkdanceeliza @
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